toddler gift guide 2023

Need help picking out gifts for the toddlers in your life? Then I’m glad you’re here! I’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for toddlers this season, and most of them are super affordable. So let’s jump right into it.

  1. Little People Supermarket Gift Set I love Little People! It’s such a great way to introduce imaginary play to kids, and there are so many different products so they can be used in lots of ways!
  2. Melissa and Doug Cleaning Play Set Does your little one like to “help” a lot? This cleaning play set is perfect! My toddler loves using it and it keeps her from stealing my broom!
  3. Baby Shark Fishing Game
  4. Got a Baby Shark Fan? They’ll love this fishing game! This one is definitely for older toddlers, I’d say probably 2.5 and up. I’m giving this to my daughter for Christmas and I know she’ll love it.
  5. Chuckle & Roar Puzzles
  6. We LOVE these puzzles. My friend got them for my 2 year old last Christmas, and she still does them all the time. She learned what a pentagon and hexagon were from this puzzle, and definitely helps with learning colors, shapes, and animals!

5. Melissa & Doug Treehouse Twirl

This one is great for younger toddlers, around 1-2 years. It’s fun, interactive, and versatile.

6. Melissa & Doug Puzzle Set

Another great puzzle set! This one comes with a lot of different puzzles and are great for early learners.

7. Playdoh Magical Mixer

Any PlayDoh kit really, especially for kids 2+. PlayDoh is a great way to keep kids busy, learning, and entertained.

8. Bath Buckets

Bath toys are always great for toddlers. My daughter has had these since she 1 and is still obsessed with them almost two years later. Water play is a great sensory activity for kids.

9. Chuckle & Roar Magnets

This magnet set is amazing. There are tons of different games and activities you can do, and it’ll last way beyond toddlerhood. There’s freeplay sheets and then there’s games like tic-tac-toe and even puzzles. My 2 year old loves it.

10. Chuckle & Roar Learning Block

These are a great spin on the classic cube letter blocks. There’s spelling, color, and shape games included. Your little one can just use them as blocks or they can play one of the many games, or both! Another great toy that will last through toddlerhood and beyond.

11. Matching Eggs

This toy is great for older toddlers who are learning about colors and shapes. It’s also a great matching game and helps with fine motor skills.

12. ABC/123 puzzles

Can you tell we love puzzles? Another great option for a puzzle gift. You seriously can’t go wrong with puzzles for toddlers. They love them, keep them busy, and help them learn!

I hope you found this list helpful! There’s an endless amount of toys out there and it can get overwhelming. If you’re buying for someone else’s kid you can always ask what they want/ need. And don’t forget that experience gifts are great too!

What are you getting your toddler for Christmas?

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